Monday, January 04, 2010


2010 = 1937? Feels like it to me

Recessions ain't over 'till they're over.


"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
---George Santayana

Now here is the difference between now and 1937. Obama knows the past. Klugman is whispering in his ear. We haven't killed off the greedy bastards yet and they will raise our ire and anger and provoke us to not fall for their shit this time. Their greed will save us.

Is there not a major "reset" on mortgages this spring? Haven't the banks not followed through on mortgage refinancing? Haven't we lost all of the jobs created for the last ten years?

The Eric,Oklahoma philosopher said "The pendalum swing like the pendalum do..." In 5 to 10 years Oklahoma will be the most radical place in America. The pendalum has swung so far from the "1937 Oklahoma" that the swing back will be just as far the other way.

Heard any "Red Dirt" music lately?
We haven't learned anything. Not the government, and certainly not us, the citizens. The article says "consumers — who are $11 trillion poorer than they were before the housing bust — are in no position to return to the buy-now-save-never habits of yore". Say what? Consumers never left their lousy saving habits. They're still fiddling as the Titanic sinks. The USA's greatest charm, and its greatest weakness, is that it never learns. It has an incredibly short memory. We buckle down for a couple of months, say we're gonna change, then it's off to Best Buy to get that monster flatscreen TV that's on sale, while we gripe about not being able to pay the mortgage. GRRRR! Don't get me started. :)
Don't blame the victims. That's exactly what the fat cats are pushing for.

In 1968 the minimum wage would buy twice what it will buy today. In that the minimum wage is the base of the labor economy its effects are felt all the way up the wage and salry scales. Thus we need two wages to operate a houshold where once we needed one.

And those expensive TV's don't cost anymore now than they did in 1968 in real monetary terms(indeed the low end versions are much cheaper), but look at what you get now. Except you have to pay corporations for the privalege of watching them in most places where in 1968 it was free.

Love America but hate Americans, ain't that a kick?
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