Monday, December 28, 2009


Take Oklahoma's 2 U.S. senators ...


Lawsy, deliver us!


The blog you link to is teh funny.

I noted this when it happened and thought it a bit of Divine Comedy, as it were. Since I come from a state that kept re-electing a guy nicknamed "Senator Pothole" (Alfonse D'Amato), I really don't have much room to cast stones.

Anyway, who would want them?
Now boys, let's get this straight, Kay Inhofe (formerly Kay Kirkpatric) by damn was not going to let Jim miss their 50th wedding aniversary. Just how in the dickens was she suppose to know Jim wouldn't be able to get back into D.C. cause of the weather or that later in the week he wouldn't be able to leave Tulsato catch the final Health Care vote because of bad weather. Jim for sure made the right choice. Putting those 39 fellow Senators voting their principles up against Kay wanting him home was no contest. Kay will always win.

"Inhofe, who celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary and then got stranded in Tulsa on Tuesday because of bad weather, is scheduled to return to Washington early today."

"He said he didn’t want to miss the candlelight service at his Tulsa church on Christmas Eve since he’s been going to it for 50 years and three of his grandchildren are singing in it this year."
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