Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Kill the bill: The Whole Ass or No Ass Atall

The healthcare reform bill.

Obama, as DrLobo pointed out, is doing what he said he would do: He said he would lead by consensus.

Now, you can't lead by consensus if not everybody concedes. Ergo, with no public option, the libs in the Senate need to vote NO.

The last thing anybody should want is to make things worse, and making things worse is what's going to happen if they don't stand up, and then campaign on how they, again, saved the country -- by saying NO to a half-assed approach.

Campaign slogan: Democrats: A Full Ass or No Ass Atall!


Have you ever whittled?

Generally when you are making a really large object you rough saw out the general form first and then cut by cut, slice by slice, you take it down to its finished form.
Trouble is in America, we have forgotten how to whittle. Naw we want it Laser Cut, or Pressure Molded, or Stamped Out by a metal press.

I'll take the "rough sawed out" form of the Health Reform. Then after 2010 when the Dems control the Senate with 62 seats that rough form can been whittled down towards a finished product. Then in 2012 we can polish the thing up to a high sheen.

Just keep whittling.
Afraid we won't get that far.
I'm with drlobojo on this one. Never make the perfect the enemy of the good. It should also be noted that the bill, as written, goes in to effect over time, although certain insurance reforms - no more rejection for pre-existing conditions, no more dropping coverage, that kind of thing - go in to effect immediately. Over time, as the provisions of the bill become more clear, and more and better Democrats get elected to office, opportunities will arise for improving the bill.

In 1986, my college campus got a visit from then-NY Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The Senate was in the middle of considering various provisional corrections to the massive tax overhaul passed the year before. As Moynihan made clear, for huge bills this usually happens a few times, as errors in the bill become clear. Very often, a word can be left out; even punctuation errors can become legal hurdles! Between the sausage-making process and judicial review and public input once the law goes in to effect, reform of this magnitude takes time to sink in.

In a perfect world, this wouldn't be necessary; when someone finds a perfect world, I'll move there, but until then, I'll take what we have.
"First, do no harm" should be the rule. I think this one does harm, from what I've read.
Actually the Senate Bill will not get by the House. Most of the Senates "Harm" will go out in conference.

Pass this bill as permanent Law and then use Reconciliation Bills to strip down Health Insurance Company profits to the level that it would cost the Federal Government to run the damn stuff on their own. Make the high rolling companies our indentured servants one step at a time.

Why do so many people think Obama doesn't have a game plan. My Old Boss always wrapped his major goal at the center of an onion of plans. As he lost out on one plan he peeled down to the next, and the next, and the next if need be. But he had it layered so many times that the suckers doing the peeling and crying from the odor of their efforts never touched the core goal. Hell, most of the time, those peeling the onion never knew what we had hidden in the core at all.

They were peeling away fighting one battle while we were waiting for them to give up and let us win a different one. I NEVER saw the old man lose but once and that was when he made it personal instead of politics.

Now if that old Oklahoma reprobate was smart enough to pull that off time and time again, what do you think Obama might be up to?
Y'all be crying next year. Not only the election, but yore pocket book.
how about we just get what our senators get? that'd help! either we switch to what they have.. or they switch to what they're "bill'n" us for.

simple enough, right?
Slimjim, the slink by blogger, must know something, don't ya think? But alas all he will do is tantalize us with his wisdom. James the Anorexic shares not his facts and figures.
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