Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Forward, march! Take Seminary Hill No. 1!

One paper due Saturday.

One paper due Tuesday.

One paper due a week from Friday.

A 3 1/2-hour final exam next week.

I'm behind on work-work.

Our tree is not up.

Our house is not Griswolded.

Uphill all the way from today until a week from Friday!

Forward ... march!


(On a lighter note: We think God might be trying to give us another cat. Poor critter keeps whinin' outside the house, but the WonderWeinieDog of the Short Yellow Doghouse keeps spookin' her away.)

As for the "Tree" maybe you could count the three extra months it was up last year as counting towards this year.

Ur house ain't never been Griswolded except for the time the Sheriff raided you by mistake because you had all those red Christmas lights all over the front but that was back in your single days.

God does not give, send, nor assign Cats.
Cats tell God where they want to be.

Papers,work,tests?, Heck fire boy that's what you do. No sweat.

Off to Vicksburg and Baton Rouge for Family confrontations and such.
Have fun!
food wins out every time.
DESTROY!!!! march and take that hill! you don't win seminary wars by die'n for your theology.. you win wars by making the papers die for theirs... or something... that didn't quite work.

i'm out 12-22... hopefully you'll be delivered before me... then i'll need your prayers!
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