Thursday, December 03, 2009


Blind and stupid lead the blind and stupid in 'Conservative Bible' project

Lord help 'em.


More importantly, Lord help the sheeple these moe-rons are misleading.
did somebody shoot off a nuclear bomb? theys some white stuff fallin out the sky, and I aint wantin to touch it if its radioactivated.

Dr. Bill Loney
Be keerful with thet stiff, Dr. Bill. Same junk is fallin' over Houston, SOUTH of where my Bird lives!
Man it was snowing in Baton Rouge last night. The Cajuns were freaked. We went to a "hot spot" and nobody was there. We had four waitresses to our own selves. I took three of them and let the other serve the rest. I do so love snow.
Them freakin' Cajuns! :-) LOL

It's just been colder'n a gravedigger's heart here.
As for the "Conservative Bible Project", are these guys doing what all my "inerent brethern" accuse us liberals of doing when we insist on taking out all the junk added at later dates? Power to them. Let them cut out all of the "social worker--do gooder" stuff and see what they got left.
They'll have an angry god on a mountain and the laws scared people came up with to cover the facft that they couldn't get past themSELVES enough to even conceive of the LORD and his Grace.
Can't wait to see what the final result will be though. It's a wonder how they think this is theologically acceptable.
Say Deadwood, I think I had a good meal at your place about 12 years ago.

Theology be danged, how about logically acceptable.
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