Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Thoughts on Transsexual Jesus?

I guess it depends, partly, on what your definition of "transsexual" is.

Transsexual Jesus.


Heh. Gotta love the predictability of the far right (regardless of their country of origin.)

If someone says, "Jump", they say, "How high?"

From a theatrical standpoint, this play sounds like it makes about as much sense as Shakespeare on the Moon. But if it ticks the right sort of people off, that's fine by me.
I'll be flumoxed and strengthened for the rest of my life by the mystery of god made flesh.

Which flesh it is seems beside the point to me. We are all represented in each other, which gets us to a place of universal human rights. No small thing at all.

But to be represented in god and god in us... that's eternal life.
'Flummoxed,' I see, now, having visualized the point.
However, guys should be careful not to address transsexuals almost like they can't have got the majority of the similar sensations and also wants of any other lady they would meet up with. Sad to say, nearly all guys on the internet may tactic transsexual forum seeing that strictly intercourse materials or freaks of mother nature with no other attributes to become desired. This kind of couldn't become additional from the truth.
But the most of guys think transgender as the tranny when they dating a trans woman on ts dating sites, this is so rude that many transgender person are hard to find their love online or in real life.
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