Monday, November 09, 2009


Pissed-off redneck feminist bitch theologian with Queer Theory tendencies

Dudes, if I were a chick, the headline might describe me -- after deeply readin' Isaiah for the first time.

Holy misogynistic metaphor!

God hiked his estranged Zion's skirt up to show her female parts, in sexual humiliation? Did God then force His way with her to punish her/redeem her?

And then He apologized later?



Um . . .

With something like irony, the word verification is "runsiss"
Blogger prophecy!
take out the redneck and you got me! although i was raised in close quarters with them, so maybe...
Got to remember it took Isaiah almost 400 years to write the book. He was probably tired of women by the time he was finished.
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