Sunday, November 15, 2009


OK, so we need some prayer concentrated right here, 15 miles north of Oklahoma City, please

For healing and health, or at least some relief. Dr. ER's physical. My mental.

Prayers. Happy thoughts. Karma. Warm feelings. Disruptors. Photon torpedoes. Whatever ya got.

I swear to God, I do not know what to believe about prayer. "Does it work"? Well, not like a freaking gumball machine, no. And God is no Santa Claus in the sky.

But we need some help here. Not that we need any more than we've been needing for quite awhile now, but there's a timing issue. Dr. ER has work to do, and can't. And she's getting on a plane Tuesday to go to Ohio to see her sister and niecelets, and the trip along could have her down for a week. I'm driving up next week to get her, and the trip back, even without a plane trip and a week in an unfamiliar sleeping environment, could have her down for a month. And there's that work to do.

"Life is prayer," one of you told me. I like it. Right now, this life, mine, is asking to borrow some of your lives, in a "Life is prayer" sense.

Faith is trust -- and I throw myself into the Cosmos and trust God, not to DO for me, or us, but to BE with me, and us.

Hope is not optimism, thank God. Because I'm not optimistic, and it would suck to be hopeless, too. Hope, resting in faith, propels me into the life before me, which, itself, is gift and grace.

Love is the single most audacious thing Jesus asks of us, and the single hardest thing he demands of us. Lord help me in Love, with Love, and to Love, because the greatest of these is Love.



Obviously, you both will be in my prayers.
as i said recently to an atheist on his death bed and his believe'n family in a prayer

"God... or speaking to the room in third person..."

either way, the prayer named the tension between the atheist and the believer and they were able to reconcile WITHOUT conversion, something neither party thought possible. to me, that is grace.

so there is power in prayer... but not "the world's" version of power.. hell not even OUR version of power. prayer maybe good for nothing and in that, it has more power than anything on the planet.
Re, "the prayer named the tension between the atheist and the believer and they were able to reconcile"

Reconcilation IS the Gospel. Very cool.

Please eleborate on yer last sentence. I sense a first-last, last-first idea underlying it.
i think you elaborated perfectly! the kin-dom is coming and already here... here but not yet... the best type of prayer connects us to one another and by doing so, to God.

The secret of the Kingdom is that it is here, it has always been here, it will always be here, it does not come to us, we come to it.

It us that must do the moving.

Grace to Dr. ER and her families.
Grace to you ER.
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