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How might a drop of holiness behave on the surface of a lake in God's holy Creation?

I do not necessarily doubt that Jesus walked on the water. It's just not necessary to my faith. I do not not believe it. ...

Play along now: Jesus's divinity = the "Godness" of God who poured God's self into Creation.

Jesus "loaned" that to the temporarily "holified" Peter, who lost it when he lost it, and he splashed through, but a patina of holiness lingered each time and smaller expressions of Peter bounced on the surface and splashed through, etc., until what was left, which was just Peter, sank.

Why not? ... Just ponderin' just how dim the glass is through which we look.

Check this out, and this ramblin; will make more sense:


Among my maxiums I operate on are:

"God does not break God's Physical Laws".

"A miracle is something occuring within God's physical Law that we do not yet understand".

"All of God's Physical Laws are discoverable".

If indeed Jesus could walk on water then so can any other person. How? That is yet to be discovered.

Too far fetched?
Not at all. If the Son of Adam could do it, any son of Adam can do it.
OMG. My TV flipper stopped on Hal Lindsey! GOD deliver us!
Lying, stupid, evil, selfish, bloated, IDIOT.

I think I will exercise my First Amendment right to burn my copy of "The Late Great Planet Earth." Talk aboiut a false prophet. He's just FALSE.
He was just standing on the edge of a small ice flow that was created through evaporative cooling during a microburst.

I would go for an upwelling that was strong enough to support his weight or a mental way to organize surface tension into an unbreakable surface.

I don't think natural psychokinesis is out of the question.
I think a superconducting magnet and a ferrous metal plate hidden away in the boat seem far more likely than psychokinesis.

Or perhaps the Earth shifted its orbit slightly right at that moment, sending Jesus and Peter into freefall that simply looked like they were standing above the water.

Or perhaps Jesus has the ability to manipulate his mass in the same way that a cat, which does not want to be picked up, can make itself 5-6X heavier than normal.

Or he's made of wood and floats like a duck.
Does a witch sink or float?
He reached Sufi ecstasy, drawing in a layer of air between himself and the lake.
Well, there's our answer.
"He reached Sufi ecstasy, drawing in a layer of air between himself and the lake."

Don't be silly. Jesus wasn't a Sufi, he was a Christian. Let's at least try to keep our speculations in the realm of possibility, like my hidden superconducting magnet idea. While I admit the likelihood of the ancient Galileans having discovered high-temperature superconductors is slim, and their ability to distill and store liquid helium seems at least as unlikely as their ability to find a source of electricity to charge the magnet, it still seems like a more reasonable suggestion than one in which Jesus is a Muslim.

Well, unless you are proposing that Jesus was a time-traveller. Then your explanation makes somewhat more sense, and could possibly explain the rather disjointed accounts of his birth and heritage.

After all, with all those robes and cloaks and things that he wore (according to the paintings anyway), it wouldn't take much of an updraft to keep him floating. I'll have to do some calculations to see if I can figure out the terminal velocity of a falling Jesus.
Assuming Jesus's arms have similar performance characteristics to a typical impeller, Jesus would have to spin at least 3500 RPM to move air at ~55 m/s, the terminal velocity of a falling Jesus.

Note: "terminal velocity" is a term of art, and should not be literally applied to our risen Savior.

(This is why I find science superior to theology. Theology can't answer useful questions like this.)
Speaking of whirling robes, FYI, I just caught up on the Matrix trilogy this weekend. (I hear derisive laughter.) It took this long for me to feel comfortable with avoiding a dangerous fad.

But I found the issue of choice, ameliorating but not curative anomalies, and constant imperfection raising violence to be quite the contemporary Calvinist climate.

I've yet to see all the Harry Potters and years from watching Twilight, which pains me every time my daughter talks about what a great story it is.
Science is more comforting, and in this day in age that's pretty damn close to being superior.
LOL, I figured this post might spawn a quirky threasd, but y'all surpassed my expectations. Fun stuff. :-)

Reminds me of the blank stares I get from garden-variety Okies when I point out that from the of the Ascension to now, Jesus hasn't gotten out of our solar system (I don't think; I calculated it once, but can't remember; I think I assume thrust power only, no warp drive. ... Dang, but I did assume a constant speed (velocity?) and I should have accounted for the receding force of gravity and then the lack of it outside the atmosphere.
Ditto on Twilight, and ditto on daughters, Feodor. Mine is bound and determined to go to the opening night on Fri. I saw enough of the first, on DVD, to say it is Romeo and Juliet, with vampires, rather than rival Italian aristocrats.

Harry Potter is a wonderful series. I am rereading it from book one even now. Having read all seven, seeing the parts in far more detail and how they add up to an even greater sum.

They should have stopped with the highway set piece in the second Matrix movie. Let Neo die there and bring piece to the galaxy and come back with Han Solo and his silver skates or whatever.
"Jesus hasn't gotten out of our solar system (I don't think; I calculated it once, but can't remember; I think I assume thrust power only, no warp drive. ... "

You're suggesting Jesus doesn't have warp drive?

I truely have to go with William of Ockam on this. Occam's Razor would demand the simplest answer and that of course is "rocks".

Jesus was walking out on a shoal, a reef, at low tide with a back wind to shallow the water. Happens all the time. As the 2000 year old joke says, you reckon we should have told Peter were the rock were?
"Reckon we should have told Peter where the rocks were."

Oh, wait now, Peter---Rock---Rocks--That Jesus was telling Peter... (The Rock (sounds like a wrestler don't it)), was that a joke about him falling off of the rock in the Sea of Galilee? Suyrely the Church of Rome was founded on a... naw, of course not.
Ha! I've heard it said that the nickname was closer to "Rocky" or even "Rockhead." Which would seem to fit.
Who was Bullwinkle in that scenario?
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