Monday, November 16, 2009


"An atypical act of juvenile delinquency'

For liberty and justice for ALL.

And I'd like to thank these righty-rights -- -- for helping spread the news of this amazing little boy. Oh, but have a trash can or bucket handy if you read the comments.



Kids rock.
Another tempest in a teapot, except that the reactions to it once again show the intolerance of the radical right even for children.

Isn't amazing that the same people who say he isn't smart enough or mature enough to have this opinon would be among those calling for his trial as an adult and for the death penalty were the same kid if he murdered someone?
Well, this kid rocks, to be sure.

The comments were pretty typical fag-bashing stuff, awful and hate-filled.

Some guy in Seattle who wants to marry a horse, WTH????
Dude, "tempest in a teapot" is a standard definition of "news."

The chief value of this outlier Arky boy is amplification he provides the hatred espoused by these rightward thugs.

Abd Drlobo: You got the rightward wackwads pegged!
"Rightward Wackwad" sounds like a character in an 18th-century novel!
I believe Rightward Wackwad is a character in Dickens' "The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit " :)

(I'm glad I avoided the comments and just watched the video.)

In addition to showing how stupid and hateful the rightward wackwads are, this kid is also an excellent example of why we'll win. No matter how much the rightward wackwads would like to plug their ears or stick their heads in the sand, it is a simple fact that young people do not share their hatred of LGBT people. In the end, demographics always wins.
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