Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Screw the God questions

Screw the God questions. If you "believe," you believe; if not, not; what you do with that is what matters.

Thought spawned by this, from my UK-now-Aussie friend, Lee.


Is 'Faith' ever ambiguous?
Faith is always ambiguous.
Why then, historically, have there been so many murdered for their uncertainty?
"Lord, I believe; help my unbelief."
Those killed for their uncertainty were killed by the certain.

Being certain isn't having faith.
One of my seminarian friends told me that the central question dominating schools of theology now is the question of whether God exists. WTH?

I'd thing that the central question(s) should be "if ... then ..." question(s).

I mean, is the main question facing school of geology: "Does the earth exist"?
Whether God exists is an unanswerable question, theologically, much less in any other way. Students who cannot begin with this do not yet have a sufficient grasp of theology or philosophy.

And the great philosophical exploration of the deep metaphor of the death of God has been done well and good in the late sixites - and from whom we could glean great theological wisdom.

But on the existence of God? Stupid question. That is a matter of faith, and unfaith.

Now the question of whether, and if so how, we can know God is really fruitful -- but the predicate is the hypothesis that there is indeed a God.
What Feodor said, pretty much.

Adding, it was fun at CUA to hear serious debates on Aquinas and Anselm on the proof of God's existence. Like listening to seventeenth century explorers talk about the Land of Prester John at the Antipodes.
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