Thursday, October 29, 2009


'One nation under God' (but not at Home Depot)

Har! Classic American clash!

Home Depot: Totally within its rights to tell this dude he can't wear his "One nation under God, indivisible" button.

Me: Totally within my rights as an American to avoid Home Depot and its ignurnce and inability to distinguish between a political statement that references God, and a religious statement that references the nation.

Idjits. He's right. It's on our money, for cryin' out loud.


You, and many others have been punked.

"Idjits. He's right. It's on our money, for cryin' out loud."

No, no isn't.

Look at the statement again.

"One Nation,under God,Indivisable."

What's wrong with this statement?

What's indivisable? The Nation? The Nation and God?

Now what is on our money?

"In God We Trust"

Ain't they cute in their defense?
LOLOL! Dang. I hate it when I get got so bad! Hoo hoo!
Besides, if no buttons are allowed, then no buttons are allowed. He was not fired for wearing it. He was fired for not taking it off. He was not fired because he had worn it for 19 months and got away with it, he was fired because it was company policy he refused to conform too when told too.

It is sort of like Adam and the fruit. Adam wasn't expelled from Eden for eating the fruit, but for disobeying God.

Home Depot may lose revenues because of this, but they won't lose the court case. Betcha the defendents lawyer knows that, and is looking for a settlement from their deep pockets.
Oh, I don't think Home Depot will, or should, lose the case. But I do think it's an overly broad rule. But that's just me. It's their store.
shoulda wore a button sayin "Our Crap Falls Apart Faster than Lowe's Crap"


"Hell, we make 6 bucks an hour... figure out what kinda plumbin fittins you need your own damn self"

gone to hell in a handbasket since they let Tony Stewart go

BTW, anybody need about a foot of rain?
Nooo, sirreee. Plenty of precip here. This mornin' before the cock crew, the man room in back had done flooded and the front porch had got soaked -- and that takes some doin'.
Hell, I left my basement door open and now I have a flock of migrating ducks floating around down there taking refuge from the rains.
The man's obsession with having to wear one particular pin struck me as falling rather close to false idol territory. Granted, it would be a tiny, tiny idol, but when a person starts getting worked up over material objects. . .
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