Sunday, October 25, 2009


My cat, Eames: Christian



I asked my cats about that. They were insulted. They informed me that in their previous lives they may incidentally been christian, but having acquired so much karma they were reborn as Cats. Then they confided in me, that their next step is Apotheosis. Now that explains a lot.
I figured any cats of yers would be Southern Baalists.
You know where I first encountered the word "apotheosis"? A man by the name of James Norman, from Muskogee, then living in Sallisaw, used it in a rambling letter to the Muskogee paper pitching the State of Sequoyah. This was before the call issued by, I think, three of the chiefs of the Five Civilized Tribes plus "Alfalfa" Bill Murray speaking for the Choctaws. Norman stayed involved with the movement, or at least was at the edges of it.
Oopsie. Got some details wrong there.

Here, this guy is an authority on the Sequoyah movement:
Bah! Here:
Southern Bast-ist maybe.

Apothesis: Get ready to hear the word a bunch more. Dan Brown referred to the Apothesis of George Washington painted on the inside of the Capitol Dome in his new book.
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