Saturday, October 24, 2009


Little Dixie dilemma

So, a family from Eufaula has been missing for a couple of weeks in rough country somewhere around Red Oak, in Latimer County, in southeastern Oklahoma.

The past few days, they brought out the horsemen and everybody else and their dogs in a final push to scour the mountainous woods before black-powder season started today, cause then they wouldn't stand a chance.

What a Southern-country-rural-outside-the-urban-suburban-mainstream situation.

Hope they find 'em OK, and blessings on the ones tryin' so hard to.


It's harvest time around Red Oak right now. Maybe they are just out gathering in their stash? Or maybe they wandered onto someone doing that. My money is on the Oklahoma Sasquatch however.
The first thought I had was the Honobia Bigfoot got 'em.
That damn Bigfoot! Just last week, he broke into ms. Brack's house and made several long distance phone calls and et up all her tobasco flavored Cheese-Its...and then wiped his fingers on the couch coushins! Fiend!!
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