Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Cornel West on Obama's Peace Prize

"Thank God for the Hebrew Scriptures. Amos is no joke."


Cornel West.


"It's gonna be hard to be a War President with a Peace Prize." Take note, President Obama.
Re-read Amos this morning. Sounds kind of like Glen Beck. Goldman Sacs keeps stealing our tax money with the blessing of our head money man of the couutry. The people are slipping further into poverty and hopelessness and the Fat Cats are getting bonuses for making it happen. So no wonder those who don't, won't, can't understand turn to the simple non-answers of Amos Beck.

Obama, will, like Lincoln, be forced into boldness. His arrogance will have to match that of the theives he is dealing with.
They are willing to kill him. He will have to destroy them. We will need to stand with him on this, or we will live in slavery.

He should think of the Noble Peace Prize as a warning from God as to what will be expected of him.
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