Monday, September 07, 2009


What liberal president???

Having Barack Obama as president soon will be better than getting poked in the eye.

I exaggerate. But come on! He's no freaking lib if he lets this go without a damned showdown.

Shove it down the GOP and Blue Dogs' throats! And if it fails, it fails. Then let the country teeter. Desperate enough, we'll get Medicare for ALL.

WE NEED JED BARTLETT and his balls!


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Give me a break. Any vote that keeps any p.o.s. Republican -- ah, but I repeat myself -- out of office is not a wasted vote. That's what separates me from doctrinaire lefties.
Rudy, as much as folks would like to think the crop of current politicos is different, it'll likely bear out that they ain't. Ultimately, theys concerned bout polls and the next election cycle, and ever now and then something a get done thata help somebody. Basically, it's a neverending campaign...JMO

btw, gettin better, though I's down about 10 pounds...both the kids got type A flu--not the swiney type--go figure

kinda liked that Medicare type idea--make it an option fer those that can't afford insurance---nah, makes too sense
Did he or did not Obama say he was going to govern by concensus? Isn't he still working in that mode?
Obama is trying for bipartisanship, which is not the same as consensus.

There is no consensus on "health care" -- he has assumed more than is there, and he needs to reframe, or get whipped -- and then try again from scratch.

This cheerleading BS ain't working and it ain't gonna work.

It's not about me. It's not about yoy. And it's not about any Anonymi.

It's about US -- espececially the least of us, and he needs to take that sappy but hard-core truth head on. And shut the hell up about COST, right now. The main issue is ACCESS.

Obama needs to send the kind of message it takes to get old farts with no kids left in school to approfe a damned bond issue FOR the schools, for the good of the community -- and that kinds of s--t is ALWAYS close and NEVER by consensus!
ER:"Obama is trying for bipartisanship, which is not the same as consensus."

For a news dog you don't listen carefully enough if you missed this.

Check my blog:
Yes, well. You got one thing right: The U.S. hasn't had a leader in the WH in so long, maybe we *have* forgotten what to do with one. Including me.

But, consensus is the result of a bunch of people trying to get what they want and getting less than that, not a bunch of people trying to get less than they want.

I'll come around. But not yet. It ain't time yet.
ER:"I'll come around. But not yet. It ain't time yet."

YES, That's the secret isn't it.
Also remember:
Radicals always shape the concensus even when they do not accept it, and are excluded from it.
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