Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Syro-Phoenician woman as trickster

An addendum to "Did Jesus used to be a kinda redneck racist?" (ER, March 14, 2009).

Consider the story as a trickster folktale -- Mark 7: 24-37 -- meant, among other things, to show or suggest that God responds to those on the margins, like the woman, who have to resort to "tricks" to have a voice or a share of power, or of healing, and that God's mind, or in this case Jesus's mind, can be changed.

Think Brer Rabbit.

Cool -- and that was just from the homily during the midday chapel service here today.


Exactly. You guys didn't have his back.

Lukewarm, you guys were.
Do what?
Back in the previous post, you guys kept saying that Jesus was slapping her in the face. That he had a human moment of racist gut response.

I remember it clearly, along with that time you were selling taffy by the shore and the Jersey girl came by to say "hi" and then the Guernsey woman landed in her private helicopter and took you to Îles à Gaspé, so me and GKS hunted rock dove in the Barrens, while LBJ and Bill staid back in the lodge to make a banjo out of a pickle barrel, vellum stripped from a some Gāndhārī texts, a rain stick and Amtrak wire.
Either Feodor is funnin' with you, or I want whatever it is he's smoking, or popping, or whatever . . .
Tired. ... in the story, Jesus did insult her, though, racist or not. "Dog."

And I got some 20-somethin'-year-old ZigZags somewhere.
I be damned if I ain't really really got the freakin swiney flu. I would make a pun or two bout rootin in the dirt or eatin slop, but I'd rather just lay here and wish fer sweet death. A buddy copper died of it last week, one of the first in the state. I shipped the youngins south to my kin, hopin they'sa be spared

It suks to be loney...yall say a lil prayer fer me or at least think me a good thought
Dang, Bill, you got it. That s--t scares me. My beloved does not have the strongest constitution in the first place; I'm scared that crap's gonna ride me home and get her. Hang in there.
Dr. Bill, hang in there.

I had the Swine flue for two weeks back in 57. One thing that came out of it was that I had visions of my future that came true 20 years and 35 years later. No shit.

So don't be too susprized if your mind wanders around a bit during this. By that I mean, really, "wanders".

Your in my prayers.

Speaking of Brer Rabbit (a.k.a. the "signifier" or "signifying monkey") would be more the role that Jesus was in during this exchange. Indeed, he did that more than once in the Gospels. An aspect of the man that has gone un-studied in the Euro-centric theology. Now E. Redneck you want a "book" to write, that's one.

Tell Dr. ER to take this Swine Flu stuff seriously, but not to become a full hermit.
We're both taking it srs. I is worried about her, though.
I think I finally get Feodor.

We didn't have Jesus's back, and he got "tricked" by the trickster. And the rambling story he launches into is his demonstrating the very kind of a story-with-a-meaning that goes beyond the obvious, like the Psycho-Fenstration woman.

That, or he's on dope.
Actually it may be the early stages of swine flu.
I'm saying prayers for Bill and hoping the H1N1 virus realizes that far more unsavory Loney characters run through that bloodstream than swine flu and that it beats a hasty retreat.

And I'm selling a new book for DrLBJ, GKS, and anyone other than ER who is buried in what he needs to be buried in + the historical fund.

Laura Dassow Walls'
The Passage to Cosmos: Alexander von Humboldt and the Shaping of America
Thx fellers fer the well wishes-this really is like livin death--holdin this lil iPod feels like hard labor...night all
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