Friday, September 25, 2009


Neil says: If you're in OKC this weekend ...

Check out Jesus Seminar on the Road!

You'll be a better Christian for it.


I'll be sure to say hello to him.
Ha. ... I'll be there tonight. Probably not tomorrow. Too much homework!
OK, my plan is to go to the morning session tomorrow, as well as the one tonight.
Don't you guys have phones?
I looked all over the audience, nary a Neil in the bunch.
Feodor said...
Don't you guys have phones?

My ring is two longs and a short. What's yours ER?
Two shorts and a long.

(Actually, when I was little and we were on a four-party line, I think that was our ring.)

Oh, and I don't think I have ever been inb a larger crowd of biblical erudition in my life. Wow. The place seats about 400. It was full. Even the balcony was fullish. Very cool.
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