Thursday, September 03, 2009


KTOK-AM, OKC, employs an unAmerican asshole

The President of the United States is the President of the United States.

KTOK sucks. Talk about propaganda!


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Bite my ass.

The only thing that's changed is there's a smart, but not infallible, man in the White House now. Oh, but yer right, I don't bitch as much about politics anymore. I don't have nearly as much to bitch about as I did under President Bush.

But there are a few things:

President Obama lets go of the public option in health care reform? I'll be pissed.

He has a tin ear for how some thing sound out here in the heartland. He's sort of an Estes Kefauver that way.

Militarywise? Glad we seem to be getting out of Iraq. Glad we're ramping things up in Afghanistan. I want this country to utterly destroy its true enemies.

You really don't pay attention to what I say, do you, Anon?

P.S. Get a name, or yer outta here from now on.
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Oh dear God No! Are they actually suggesting the youth of America volunteer their time?

Oh the humanity!

"You don't see that you're all using a anon name to hide behind. DumbASS."

Are we all? Nope. So I have no problem calling you a coward, you pathetic twit.
Dumbassery abounds with one who mistakes a handle or nickname for anonymity.

I know, or know the names of and could contact in the real world, almost every person who comments around here anymore, Assonymous. You not too smart are ya there, feller?
Someone observed in another venue:

"GWB was reading to students in an elementary school on 9/11. We all can agree that he was promoting literacy, engaging students with
civic leaders and promoting the well being of public schools, not trying to impose some neo-conservative notions of preventative war and torture, can't we?"

This blog ain't big enough for the both of us.
I have finally diagnosed the ultra-conservatives wants. They want revenge. It is that simple. Under Bush they saw this as their America and now they want it back.
We are not part of their America. So that makes us the "other". So if they are really after revenge, then "we" must be the targets.
Question is what are they willing to do to get their revenge?
"they saw this as their America and now they want it back"

Indeed. And it isn't hard to guess what "their America" is code for in their minds.
The country is regressing almost as fast as the number of comments on this post.

Glen Beck thinks the Rockefeller Center is an evil architecture of communist influence.

White men scream in the camera that they have fewer rights now than a wheel-chair bound woman.

Working, seemingly healthy Americans, fit in body and mind (relatively) rage against socialism, fascism, Marxism preeminently seen in our moderate, consensus seeking, President.

And fingers are now being bitten off in the fray.

This is the sixties, again, but without a tight, coherent progressive movement.

This is the sixties in reverse.

Hate is being called out by masters of the emotion and openly demonstrating with a political vision.

Love is under attack, somewhat eyes agog, mouth open at the crazily brazen demonstrations, but largely grumbling at home, disparately active, not really understanding "what's goin' on."
I confess that I know to do is rage. When Love gets its shit together, wth is it supposed to THIS time? ... Maybe just stat out of it and wait at aid station with cold water, bandages and something to eat for the stragglers and the injured...
"...Maybe just stat out of it ..."

I confess the same; and that reality is a deeply disturbing one for me.
BTW, I refer to the regressing *number* of comments on this post because I looked in once and it was up to 12 or 13 and when I came back it was down to 9.
I had to put on my bouncer hat. ... Actually, it was more like totin' the trash cans full of longneck bottles out to the Dumpster, which was part of my bouncin' duties, too, back in the day. Somebody threw some trash out here, in other words, and I cleaned it up.
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