Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here's how thick U.S. Rep Joe Wilson is

It's not that the Honorable(!) Joe Wilson, U.S. representative from the genesis of secession, merely has no respect for the president of the United States, nor even the presidency.

It's that he has no respect for the People's House itself, the House of Representatives.

*That's* why his ass showing has become such a Big Deal. Blurting out "You lie!" during the president's speech is one thing, and whether or not he has been sufficiently apologetic to the president is up to the president. And there, all is cool.

But Wilson, a particularly shallow kind of Republican -- typical, actually, for our era -- clearly thinks himself bigger than the body he serves -- and *that*s why the House, rising in constitutional indignation, rhetorically and institutionally caned him today.

He needed to be taken down a notch. The House, for the record and for all posterity, defended itself -- and all of us in a way -- and took him down a bit today.

It was the least We, through our elected representatives, could do.


What's good for the goose or Bush, is good for the Gander or obama. It's karma man. He is going to pay for all your disrespect for Bush.
Shorter Anonymous: "Nyah, nyah, nyah. But everyone's doing it, therefore it must be OK!"

When will people grow up and realize that's not how adults rationalize bad behavior?
Bdesides, Numbers missed my point. Joe disses Barack; barack says forget about i.

Joe disses the House; the House says take it back; Joe sulls up and pouts; House whacks Joe's ass for showing it.

This doesn't have jackshit to do with Shrub. LOL
Besides again, Dubya was a conniving, lying warmonger for Jesus.

Obama, not so much.
Exactly, ER

Notice no one is passing resolutions against the Republicans who held up pieces of paper, whatever that was supposed to be about. (Note to Republicans, you're on TV, a little piece of paper doesn't really translate well, geniuses.)

Because, who cares? And they have every right to wave around random pieces of paper. Big deal.

But some people aren't clever enough to see the distinction.
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