Sunday, September 20, 2009


Crazy liberal preacher!

Didn't even preach from the Bible this morning! Scandalous!

Aye, the Word of God comes in many venues.

The sermon text:

"Last Night as I Was Sleeping."

And it was just about the Jesusiest sermon he's preached in quite awhile.



I was recently informed that I'm giving the sermon on Oct 4th, the last Sunday before our new interim pastor starts. Perhaps the thought was, next to me, she'll look outstanding. (Well, she is outstanding, but she'll look outstandinger.) :)

I will be preaching from the Bible, but I'm not preaching from the Lectionary. That's as scandalous as I get. Oh, and I probably won't have three points either. *gasp!*

Though I suppose hearing the news that I'm preaching anywhere is probably enough to send some folks to their fainting couch with a nasty case of the vapors. (Always happy to do my part to give the fussbudgets in blog-land indigestion.) :)
Coolo! Hey, if it's recorded and online, lemme know, so I can hear ya.
Ah, recording is way to high tech for us. But I may post the text at some point.
This must be the season for it. I'm supposed to be preaching some Sunday coming up. Lisa's doing a series on music appreciation, and wants me to preach the final Sunday.

Alan - we'll counter-post our sermons, and see which one sets more heads a-popping. Oh, and our church does record, so you get to hear my lilting voice.
It's gettin' to be where you can't sling a cat around here without whackin' a stand-in preacher! LOL

I might see if I can do another 3-minute sermonette as worship leader this fall, just so I can try to keep up with y'all!
Well there is at least one apostate that nobody is going to ask to preach who post on this blog.

Many pastors use the Biblical text as pretext rather than context any way, your guy's just more honest than most.
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