Friday, September 18, 2009


Awesome smackdown of the faux science of Creationism -- in Oklahoma!

An Open Letter from Dr. Michael A. Mares, Director of the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, regarding the screening of the film “Darwin’s Dilemma” by the OU IDEA Club in the museum’s Kerr Auditorium.


I am POSITIVE the Repub legislature will have something to say about it.


Know you enemy.
What could the legislature possibly have to say? They haven't seen Darwin's Dilemma yet. The arguments it presents certainly haven't beem smacked down. You should see the film and judge for yourself.
What I'm saying is the Legislature is likely to jump ugly on the museum director.

As for the film itself, I freely admit that I'm prejudging it by its source.
I'm not against teaching ID, either in the public schools or in higher ed.

But God makes it a matter of faith by definition. A matter of religion, by definition.

Not science as we understand it, by definition.

So, teach it. But don't teach it as science.
Oh, and be ready to REALLY teach about God, as most of us in the West understand God, as well as polytheistic concepts, and every other stripe of deity that human beans have assigned to their encounters with the Divine!

To just toss out "ID" as if everybody understood and agreed what the concept of Creation was all about, or what "God" means, is so narrow-minded as to be non-academic, by definition.
I too have no problem teaching ID in schools, in a current events class or a comparative religion class, for example. Just not in a science class as there is nothing scientific about their claims.

I am glad that they have moved away from calling their claims "Christian" because they're not Christian in any real sense of the word (they're not even trinitarian), so I would prefer that they continue to not call their claims Christian if they're going to teach them in schools. Also, I expect that, if people want these claims taught in schools, they're willing to open them up to rigorous examination and critique. I think it's perfectly appropriate to teach stupid ideas in school and explain why they're stupid. ID would serve as a rather good example of baseless assertions and faulty logic, and the problems with post-hoc reasoning.

And if we're going to teach ID, we should also teach any other claims about creation from any other religious viewpoint ... again, just not in a science class.
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