Monday, August 17, 2009


Yellow lines, dead armadillos and seminary

So, not that I'm fretting over this -- seriously, since I haven't even started a class -- but I don't think the middle of the road is where I want to be, seminarywise.

Meaning, on one extreme is the 18-hour Certificate of Theological Studies.

On the other extreme is the 87-hour Master of Divinity.

And in the middle, where I am, is the 48-hour Master of Theological Studies.

And I think I'd rather go to either of the extremes: a certificate, then on for a Ph.D. in history. Or for the M.Div. and ordination.

Not in hurry. Just got my ears on.


Is there no overlap between the 18hrs, the 87 hrs, and the 48 hrs for the CTS, MDiv, and the MTh?

I'd start with whatever classes worked for all three, then make a decision.
Having mulled it over since Sunday, my inclination is to think the certificate, at least for now. That'll let you find out whether the drive to Tulsa will be doable while still having a goal. Assuming I'm remembering correctly that that can be folded into one of the masters-level degrees later?
There's some overlap, but not as much as one might think.
You should consider whether you're being called into academia or the church. Because if it's the church, then you're going to need that MDiv. and all the learning that comes with it. You can't be a UCC minister without it. With the MTS you learn about religion; with the MDiv. you learn about the church. They're both valuable, but in different ways depending on what path you're being called to take.

I'd wager that you're well beyond the certificate. I mean, it's just six classes! That's mostly intro classes (which you already have a good head start on) and then maybe a few deeper classes. You'd never get into the good stuff. I think it's just an academic gateway drug anyway -- they offer it to lure people in and then hook them into one of the more substantial degrees. That's what seems to happen with most people I know.
I know. The degrees are for two different things. ... I'll milk that cow when I get her into the stall. :-)
Get the Ph.D, then you can quit work and become a college professor. -Clark
And you should credit Jim Hightower for the yellow lines and dead armadillos, otherwise historian/journalist/seminarian, that is plagiarism, yeah, blasphemy
I expect my erudite readers to know the source. ... Perhaps I expect too much! :-)

Yer right, of source! :-)
Hightower was wrong, John Spruce is there too.
With out the yellow lines separating the oppositions America would resemble a California I-5 pile up in the fog, and Hightower would be just another grump sitting beside the road waiting for government based rescue system.

Seminary? Absorb all you can stand.
Then go for the PhD in History.
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