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We naturally 'know' how to sing in perfect harmony -- so why don't we???

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale.

Very, very cool.


Sand dunes sing in the pentatonic scale.
Cool. I did not know that. More testimony to the power of the pentatonic scale and to human beans capacity to be in tune with Mother Earth.
Doc Lobo--I saw somethin bout that on NatGeo the other night.

I experienced some harmony when I joined up with the Loney Mountain Tabernacle Fellowshippin Choir...but they didn't care much for me addin in 'oom papa mow mow' after every chorus, which eroded the, you ever been beat unconscious with a tamborine?--its purty not good

But I reckon ol' Paul sorta summed it up when he said he knowed how to do good, but didn't. I reckon that ought to challenge us to do better...heck that should be on our short list every day.
I saw that too, but there are thousands of places where large sand dunes sing. In the Sahara and Taklamakan they are said to harmonize.
Take a listens to a Sahara dune sing:
Whoa. Dang. Way cool.
Why don't we? Because we were born in a western rationalistic, protestant culture that has been suspicious of music and how it moves the soul for some time now.

If you get into homes that aren't so hegemonically identified, you get music, harmony, rapture, and then dinner. Or dinner first.

Same thing in Brasil or Mali or Tibet.
That's why a black man is teaching it to a bunch of nerds.
LOL on that last.
I loved that he did not need to explain what he was doing in order to get the group to participate fully. He just pointed to the first two positions with the tone and ... they were off!

And as for music, harmony, rapture and dinner, that's what happens every time I get together with my friends. It's just who we are as collective spirits.

Speaking of dinner -- it's served at my blog.
You know of course that the pentatonic scale contains two perfect fifths, which is the same as the golden ratio of all nature, and the basis for alchemy of matter and of the soul.

You are now digging into the Pythagorean understanding of God's methods of cosmic construction,the Divine proportion, the singing of the spheres, and the Geometria of the Word.

All in natural song.

Careful, you might learn something that you did not know could be there.
hmmmm, a culture that transmits information aurally instead of visually.

Could it ever come about or is that relegated to pre-literate history?
DrLobo, that, actually, is the first thought I had when I saw this. OK, it was the second thought. The first thought was the great scenes from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."
Feodor, I think eventually we earthlings will develop a common language in images. But it could be aural. In any case, I think we're tiptoeing into a post-literate world even now.

The ground is shaking from the steady march.

Part of why we are getting all these volatile reactions from those cultures chained to a text-based fundamentalism.

And if some of these ostracized and personality disordered young men had read more literature, like Catcher in the Rye, they might have found a different way out of their madness than video/cinematic blood spilling.
OK. Yer right. I'm used to mincing my words around my fellow wordsmiths.
ER, what percentage of your family, friends, acquaintances, have you heard sing in public with ease and un-self-consciousness?

(GKS is waging a side war like an assassin.)
If we could really communicate aurally we could commune with dolphine, whale, and even elephants and mice aqll of whom sing their visons to one another.
Close encounters was not such a fantasy.
Damn, you'r egood, but don't tell anybody

What percentage of your family, friends, acquaintances, have you heard sing in public with ease and un-self-consciousness?
I'll answer. Just me and my mama, inside my home family. My wife and I in my now family. All my old friends in certain social situations.
CWC, I just throw bombs and stand back to see who throws themselves on 'em. :-)
"What percentage of your family, friends, acquaintances, have you heard sing in public with ease and un-self-consciousness?"

If hymns count, family-all of them, friends-some of them, acquaintances very few.

As solo performances, I have several songster friends and my daughter performed for several years when she was younger.
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