Thursday, August 13, 2009


Somebody put me out of my bibliophilic misery

I've got boxes of books in my "to-read" "stack," right?

Fixin' to have grad-school-level required reading, right?

I read and write and read for a living, right?

Ha ha, I just volunteered, ho ho, to review another book, hee hee, for a state journal!

Ha ha ho ho hee hee -- to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, they're coming to take me awaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


What it is is I was afraid if I didn't volunteer to do one before I got started with school, then my volunteerin' days would be over as long as I *was* in school. I've trapped myselfm, in other words.


Dear E.R.,
It's time for you to learn a truth of the universe as we know it.

It is not possible for any of us to do all the things we want to do. It is folly to take on more responsibilities than we can reasonably handle.

Understand there are limitations in our time and space continuum. And some things simply have seasons during which they can be a part of our lives.

I've learned that with increased (and ridiculous) work hours, I do not have the time nor the energy to do the amount of volunteer work that formerly filled my days. So this is a season without that satisfaction. If I could figure out a way to have an eight-day week, I would have an extra day to fit that in.

But it ain't a-gonna happen.

Your friend,
who is laughing uncontrollably at the verification word, which is "scheds." Make one.
I have lost control of my books and my library has become unmanageable. I used to say this, until I discovered that books are great for propping up lopsided beds; great as showpieces to make other people say, "Ooo, look how smart you are!"; great to toss at the squirrels in the backyard. There are many uses for books beside reading.

Adding, I suppose, that while I have managed to admit to step one, I have yet to move on to the whole "higher power" step 2.

Word verification is "mutes", which might mean something, but probably doesn't . . .
Be honest. You wouldn't have volunteered to review the book if you didn't want to read it to begin with. You just wanted an excuse to do so.
Nailed. :-) ... It's a new one about Coronado's sojourns...
Coronado, they've actually found some of his camps haven't they.

Let me help with you book problem. I'll bring my pickemup truck, back it up to your door, you fill it up with books and I'll drive it away. Problem solved. No books no distractions. No temptations. what i don't don't want I take down to Karen's place and donate.
No, don't bother to thank me. What are friends for anyway?
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