Monday, August 03, 2009


Memo to Focus on the Family: Even when it's your pet issue, SPIN IS SIN, you two-faced liars! Lying in the name of 'family' -- and the name of Christ!

This is the main reason I will dance on Focus on the Patriarchy's grave! They're liars! Just baldfaced, shameless, spin meisters. And they're going to burn for it in the public arena if not in political hell.

Pro-Life Amendment to Health Care Reform Rejected

The misleading lede:

"A key U.S. House committee voted down an amendment late Friday that would have prohibited taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions under health-care reform."

The sleazy, slimy money quote:

"(Ashley) Horne, (mispokeswoman for Focus on the Patriarchy) said the language in the health-care reform plan may be confusing, because it does not specifically mention 'abortion' coverage. But the rejection of pro-life amendments reveals what the bill truly means. 'The reality is, if this proposal passes, there will be unlimited funding of abortions,' she said."

It's bullshit.


Have you seen the "Brown Shirts" disrupting the Democratic Health Care town halls recently? Dick Armey wrote and published their script. How far away are they from actual revolution?
Yeesh. No, I've been watchin' more baseball than news lately.
I knows theysa lyin and beatin on a drum, but I wouldn't mind if Ceasar got all the way clear of the abortion business... but I reckon he oughta get out of the executin, torterizin, and unnecessary war-makin business too--makes me vomit every time I hear the phrase "collateral damage".

To the disdain of my 'neighbors' and local steeple people, I's consisently 'pro-life'.
Since the Hyde Amendment is still law, this is just, as you say, a lie.

Nothing new, though.
Was this the provision for funding for family planning and education services to try to prevent pregnancies? It's stuff like this that makes it clear (at least to me) that Dobson et al hate women more than they love life.
Focus on the Family, The Family Research Counsel, financed by the father of the macho super christian psychotic who built Black Water and launched a private war to destroy Islam. Daddy financed him too. The covers are beginning to be pulled back on these guys. Murder, assassination, genocide, what's a small lie in the scheme of things.



Truth is stranger than fiction, you just can't make this shit up. It is too unbelievable.

But, who knew what, and when did they know it?
Oh yes, forgot to mention that Prince hung out at "C" Street.
In Erik Prince we now have the determined incarnation of all the tendencies existing in contemporary American conservative Christianity.
Including the ability to conspire and commit murder for God.
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