Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Diploma for First Day of Seminary?

Somewhere in one of the boxes of stuff from my office still in the garage is a little diploma I got in the fall of 1970 for "graduation" from the First Day of School.

All I can say at the moment is that I should get one for First Day of Seminary 120 Miles Away After Getting Up at 4:30 a.m. to be in Chapel by 8 and Class by 8:30 and Then Work at 3 p.m. for a Couldn't-Miss Meeting Then to Write a News Story that Could Not Be Ignored Then Come Home Finally at 6 p.m. to Chill Some with a Cigar and a Drink with the Weeinie Dog in the Back Yard.

Now to eat, and to sleep.


Thank God you have a Weenie Dog. Think of all the poor unfortunates who don't have a dog at all.

(Snicker) And congratulations! One down, XXX more to go!
"Now to eat, and to sleep" . . .

and with gender alteration and a conversion, you could be Mary.
Zzzzzz .....
Ms Bryant gave us a lil certificate and a piece of ropey licorice fer kindygarder gradulation...I wuz one happy 12 year old!

Hang in there Rudy--remember, all god fellers is good fellers, and when the goin gets tough, ask what you can do fer yer country, and a pound of prevention weighs the same as a pound of feathers...sorry Rudy, my CCD(common cliche disorder) is flarin up.
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