Friday, August 14, 2009


A countryfied miscommunicatin' of a Bible story

Little ER really wadn't really that little anymore when he finally figgered out that when Lot's wife got turned into a piller of salt fer lookin' back over her shoulder as they's fleein' Sodom, it wadn't somethin' like this.


And you are confident that your concepts are vastly more mature now?
Well, I know a pillar as in a statue from the pillers in there on the bed. I realized too late that I didn't make clear the source of my confusion. Pillers on the bed; we got salt in sacks sometimes for the cattle; sack = piller ... oh never mind.
I figures if they'd been round here when that happened, she'da turned into Tony Cacherie's, and Lot and his girls woulda et her on top of their food when they shacked up in that cave.
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