Saturday, August 22, 2009


Calm before the seminary storm

Sort of subdued today. Reading assignments in hand. Half of my books in hand. Reading assignments in hand. It starts tomorrow, the reading anyway.

Wish me godspeed, y'all -- and mespeed, Dr. ERspeed, workspeed and whatnotspeed!

The last time I felt really on top of life -- and I do NOT mean in control of it, I mean ... surfing on a piece of driftwood being blown along by the forces of intellectual pursuit, and making a difference merely by daring to make a difference -- was the fall of 2004, when I started this blog in the very throes of the hardest seminar I had getting my M.A. in history. On the Reformation. It started with 24 peeps; it ended with four of us; one flunked; the other two survived; I got the only A. Ever. In that seminar by that fire-breathing prof.

I've got the tingles thinkin' that while I'm almost five years older than I was then, and, eight years older when I started (I'm 45 now), I am so ready to get back on that horse ...

LOL! I was tellin' Bird on the phone awhile ago that I have a new e-mail address, and it's the typical cumbersome student e-mail -- but she interrupted me and said, "" LOLOL. I love my bird. I think she mighta been a little concerned about this turn of events, but she knows it's a nonfundamentalist -- shoot, antifundamentalist -- school. :-)

Anyhoo. Layin' back tonight, hangin' with my beloved Dr. ER.

Saddlin' up in the manana.


Rudy, yuve done got me all inspirated to get me some more book lernin...I's gonna inroll mondy in ms beebe's remedial 7th grade art class...birdhouses, ashytrays,& mackerony pictures--yalls ass is grass

free plexicon!!!

Uno. I was thinkin' just today that might oughta learn up on how to cut hair for a livin' in case this journalism gig just goes on to hell before I figure out zactly what to do next. Book learnin' at the barber school!

Two-o. What is this "free plexicon" and "free plexiglass" thing yer spoutin'!??
The NY giant football ketcher what got two yrs jail fer axidently shootin hisself in the leg inside a jukey joint...that's pisspoor

OSU ranked #9---LSU--#11
whut de hell!!
I's needin a barber---bad! Mines is got skitzyfrinio and I's really worried fer lettin him shave my neck and sidinberns

drunk box werd is 'bonin'--I's hopin that's a fourcast;)
I confess ignurnce 'bout the Giants feller, like most NY stuff.

Y'all just git out'n the way of my Cowboys, now. We got special stuff figgered out for Mes Liles! LOL
Don't mess with the hat!! He could get governor if he wanted too--kinda tells ya why we's 49 on every gov't list fer schoolin & such

btw, me and ms dr bill recommend 'Mantracker' on the science channel
The guy's name is Plaxico Burress, ER, if that helps any. He got 2 years for attempted criminal possession of a weapon. It's mandatory 3 for carrying an unlicensed gun in NY, so he got a year off my pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

And yes, they only knew about the gun because he had it tucked into the waist of his sweatpants and it went off when he sat down in the nightclub.
Watched "Man Tracker". Too horsey.
You can only find cattle that way from a horse. Looks like the producers been watching too many B-B type westerns on the AMC channel.

Real boondocks man-hunting is done best on foot with one guy right behind you watching forward and an another back 25 yards watching behind you.

The best trackers know where the prey are and where they have to go, and then goes there and waits for them.

The best prey is another tracker. Now that is fun.

Of course I'm just makin this all up anyway. I'd just open up my real time super-google earth on my notebook, turn on the .025 meter option, go human range infrared, and nail them that way. Then I'd send in my robo-dog "Sparky" with his cattle-prod and taser device to herd them over to me, while I sat in my airconditioned van and waited.

ER, Godspeed? In that the speed of God varies from that of an electron orbiting in a basically empty atom so fast that it occupies all the shell it is in all of the time, to taking 20 billion years to create the likes of you, I'm not sure which of His speeds to wish for you.
I figures the horse is sorta the ekwilizer beins he can't foller afterum in the thickets and he don't get a compass and map and don't know where the finish'd think they wouldn't catch as many as they do.
God you guys from West of the Hudson are slow and inerudite.

The Old English and Middle English word, "speed" was a wish for success and prosperity, the achievement of a goal.

"God speed the plow" was a song sung by medieval plowman on a holiday following Christmas, basically asking for tips from the villagers for their work for the common good.

Prosperity, not speed.

And you guys call yourselves edgyumacated.
Plaxico got a raw deal. Waaay too overzealous a DA and a mayor, who stuck his nose in, while in the middle of getting Albany to overturn term limits for him.
Hooray!! Feodor's back!! Time for big words and condescending bantor. I feel belittled already! Feo, give me the fanciest word you got for a "mean lady"... I'm gonna zing ms dr loney... I'll teach her to not be squirting me with a water bottle for getting backhair on the couch.
Lady antebellum.
Welcome back, Feodor!

I got my schoolboy outfit on! LOL Fixin' to read my very first readings assigned in my seminary learnin' experiment.
Godspeed, ER, which in the end unfortunately, is unfathomable.

As GKS might agree, and just like your historical work, religious study is about yourself and your community and the growth and development of both.

It's not, in an absolute way, about God.
feo-I called ms dr loney lady anterbellum...she put a rear naked chokehold on me...I woke up thirty minutes later with my pocket sized edition of gone with the wind shoved in my 'book depository'...thanks alot
Feodor, like what Beuchner said about theology. He said something like, if dung beetles were shown to study something called humanology, we'd probably be pleasantly amused, and if we're lucky, God likewise responds the same way to our attempts to ponder God.

Loney, you are a real hoot.
Break a leg.
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