Sunday, August 30, 2009


Call me Isaiah, for I was plumb nekkid and barefoot

Last night, I dreamed I was nekkid!

I was drivin' a car nekkid! (A 1961 Chevrolet Impala; don't know why).

Then I was ridin' a bicycle nekkid! (Banana seat).

Then I was at work nekkid!

I knew I was nekkid in each circumstance, but was not overly freaked out about it. I just kept lookin' for somethin' to put on.

Finally, I was sitting on a couch facing a fireplace, with its back to a big room filled with people I know. I spied a pair of Hanes under the couch and slipped 'em on.

Then, somebody I knew called to me from a desk at the other end of the room. I walked over and he handed me a bric-a-brac type desk decoration that someone had made for me.

It was a clear piece of plastic on a stand, and inside the plastic was a white piece of paper about the size of a small sticky note, and on it was written something like "Cows are good," or "ER likes cows" or something like that.

It made me laugh. In the wakeful world, the cow motif has been one of my favorites almost my entire adult life. In the dream, I took it to mean the person who gave it to me, and the people in the room, wished me well.

Nekkid even.

Now, where's Doc, to interpret?


Early every Tuesday morning, you are driving into the vulnerability of comparisons and competition with new peers and with new teachers who are, for now, better informed on something important to you.

And the threat of new knowledge is always that it will change us from a cow lover to a brie lover.

Your Southern clan, at least three Yankees, and one southern-Yankee pseudo brie-lover are wishing you well.

But you knew all this.
You were able to read the note?

I'd always heard that people can't read things in their dreams. Alas, I've never been able to test it myself because I don't remember ever having read anything in my dreams.

Maybe it's just an old psychiatrist's wives' tale.
The seven fat cows represent years of plenty; the skinny cows represent years of famine...oh sorry, wrong blog...I was answerin a question for 'erudite pharoah's blog

nekked? barefooted? Ain't fact it's a requirement when I goes on my late evenin loney mountain trail jawgs
:-) I will have y'all know that there is a round of brie in icebox even as I speak! Next to Mogan David.

Alan, it's funny: I could actually see the word "Cows" -- and now that I think on it, there mighta been a picture of a cow, too; or, I guess, I "read" the word "Cows" into the dream. A few times in the past in a dream I've picked up a book to read and couldn't -- and it woke me up.

BTW, Feodor: Dang straight I feel nekkid. Not only because of the knowledge all around me that I don't have. There's a kind vulnerability-not-vulnerability thing going on when I'm actually there, the kind that lets a family know: whatever it is we're in, we're all in it together. Purdy cool.

Now, back to my first-ever "reflection paper'! :-)
As I've stated before,dream interpretation should always be taken with a grain of salt. It is curious that you have multiple forms of transportation, suggesting that this vulnerability (nakedness) has been recurrent-- once when it was difficult to balance (as on a bike) and once when more comfortable, perhaps even reckless (or wilder?)

Cows usually represent nuturing, and are considered gender specific, with a cow being maternal. As you have always seen them as a motif to your life, the cow probably represents you-- as if someone needs to give your yourself-- or perhaps someone is telling you to just be yourself.
Should read give you to yourself above.
Thanks, Doc. (That was by request. Doc is a good egg.)
In my own dreams, I usually interpret transportation as a symbol for taking responsibility for the direction of my own life. Those kind of dreams come when I am at a crossroads with a life choice to make. Nakedness can mean either empowerment or vulnerability

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of flying just above the reach of a crowd of people? Have you started having the dream of showing up for a final in a class you didn't know you were enrolled in, or one you never attended?
I don't remember ever having a flying dream. I used to did dream that I couldn't get into the building for a final exam. It was always the Classroom Building at OSU, an an overcast, icy winter day (a Georgian style that OOZES academe).
But I was always in the class and supposed to be in the exam.
Ya know, another sense I've had, snd this is a wakeful thought, not a dream, is the feeling of walking a huge dog just raring to run off with me -- not away from me, but with me, dragging me behind. I haven't had that feeing since the semester I was an undergrad, working at the O'Colly, interning at KSPI (radio), on staff as an R.A. in Bennett Hall and carrying 19 hours.
Yeah. I said "used to did."
I tend to think of dreams as a way the mind has of getting rid of excess stuff, with no real significance beyond that. No "meaning" other than a way to keep itself active. Fun pictures, scary pictures, the occasional wish picture - since I was a swimmer in high school, I don't fly, I actually "swim" through the air, no joke - and, of course, the dirty pictures.

I know that makes me a minority, but dreams, to me, are little more than mind-farts. Fun, terrifying, arousing, but then again, so are farts.

Oh, and Alan - I am dyslexic in my dreams. That's when I realize I'm dreaming; I have cognitive reams on occasion, and do more than just accept them as dreams, but can control the content.
I fly a lot in my dreams, sort of hover really and move just above the ground.
I used to dream about gooks (pardon the slur but is authentic) being in the wire while we were under ground attack knowing that I have precious few minutes to live because if our compound was ever over run, the arty were to drop incidiary on our pos just in case we did not pull the switch on our own thermite destruct system. Those dreams are gone now. Instead I dream I really really need to take a piss and either I can't find a rest room or else it is open to where people can see me so I can't do it.
(at that point I usually wake up and relieve myself).

Naked, well we have all been there and done that. In dreams it ain't too awfully bad, but after a long drunk when someone has pictures well now that's a problem.
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