Tuesday, August 04, 2009


All hail Bubba, y'all!

Journalists freed during Clinton's visit to North Korea.

This rocks on many levels.

Two asshattish remarks, and remember, we LUV Bubba in the ER household:

Uno. Them girls *are* pretty cute.

Two. Reports are that the release came after "exhaustive" talks, which I figger means Bubba started yakkin' and didn't slow down, miss a beat or take a good breath until the ailing Kim Jong Il just couldn't take it anymore.


First, I think your second non-asshatish comment is right on the mark. He filibustered the heck out of 'em. My guess is Kim Jong-Il turned to one of his aides and said, "Let them out so this guy will leave and I can go back to bed."

Second, I love the fact that John Bolton - who looks like a living avatar of the original Dr. Whoovee from Horton Hears a Who - was all over how horrible, counter-productive, and futile this endeavor was. Then, after they were released, he was back on TV, saying that it was a bad thing, rewarding terrorists, and on and on. He may be wrong, but at least he's consistent.

Makes me wonder what would have happened if we'd had a skilled negotiator during the Iran hostage crisis. Might have given Carter a second term . . .
Flies and Honey....

When the Iran Hostage crisis happened all we had was a discredited President Ford, the liar Kissinger and all of the tainted people of Nixon. The Republicans were so deep into their "NO" mode that they not only welcomed the crisis but negotiated with the Ayatollah to wait till Regan's inauguration to let the hostages go. Remember arms for hostages and Ollie North? That kind of shit started before Regan said, "so help me God."
There was nobody in America to send. We have been in deep shit for 40 years.
Don't come knockin, when the planes a rockin.
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