Wednesday, July 08, 2009



It's all I've got.



(Barbaric variety)
OK, this is funny. That's actually what the hed said, but I overdid it, so you probably couldn't see it. It messed up my whole layout, so I fixed it.

And it was a yawp projected through time, since I posted it last night and timed it to go off this morning.

Oh, yes. My levels of eccentricity run deep. Especially when all I got is a yawp.

Today is another day!
Well, OK, weirdness. Not rich, so I can't have eccentricities.
Me, I just do enigmas.
Say, did you see where Michael Jackson has died?
I see now why you all have clamed up.
HE 1966, SEC 3, SEC. 881A
No idea what yer talking about.
Besides that, clammed up from what? Bush? He's long gone. Dubya was about the only thing I had to rant about it.
Ah, cyberbullying. Except for rants against public figures, I've never even come close to that. So, big whup. Neil better watch it with the Rev. Currie, though.
Anon, do you really think Conyers is going to let that out of committee? Hope springs eternal I guess.
I should have known you would not have been as inarticulate as just, "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Whut? I are watchin' "Speed," with teh lovely Sandrah Bullock drivin' teh bus, and I love it as it draw my articulivity down like a water well in "rule" Texas. :-) LOL
"I see now why you all have clamed up."

Didn't know I did. But then, I just assume some people (obviously not Mr./Mrs. Anonymous) have a life.
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