Friday, July 24, 2009


' ... that saved an ink-stained wretch like me ...'

Hitting me where it counts, as I dare ponder broadening the scope of my calling as a communicator ...

"In a special way I have come to recognize the prayer written by the great communicator apostle Paul as a 'journalist's prayer': "And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ - to the glory and praise of God." (Philippians 1:9-11, NIV)

Read the rest of "God the Communicator," by the Rev. Arne H. Fjeldstad, D. Min.

From Gegrapha: "What I have Written, I have Written.".


It is always good to question the underlying foundation of a principle as you well know.

Re:"Communication is deeply rooted in God's nature and it is this nature he imparted to humanity when he created us in his own image."' Communication is a God-given capability given to the created human being and is "the only way to be fully human." In principle, to be a human is to be a communicator."

Is this concept not just bullshit?
It is a little over-wrought, yes. And over-wrote. :-)

The ability to communicate is one thing. The ability to do well is quite another.

As for it being "the only way to be fully human" -- in the most fundamental sense, I'd say yes, the call of God is a call for human beans to love/commune with God and with others, which requires commune-ication.

I think there's something there. And I think this preacher-writer did not communicate it well!
So you would say it was written "Stupidly".
Sounds like he is saying only human beings communicate, thus to communicate is human.:) yes, I know.

Now if he is saying only human beings can communicate with God that's another thing. But even then I would say that is an open question.

Perhaps he is saying humans are the only ones to which God communicates. Still another position, and one that should be questioned to a degree.

But to even say that God has a "nature" is way to anthropomorphic.

But what he said is plain, "In principle, to be human is to be a comunicator." Thus to be a communicator is to be human? Communcating is a gift of God?

Are we alone in the universe as comunicators, are we even alone in this world as comunicators?

Construct your "priciples" with care.
It's ironic, ain't it, that this piece on communication is so poorly communicated. What a hoot.

Baseball with my dad-in-law tonight, startin' with a ceegar either in the back yard or at the ceegar bar. Later!

Anon: I know how it kills you when I don't blog about what you think is the important news of the day! Obama may or may not have stepped in it with his stupidly remark. I personally don't it's worth a single drop of ink, or a single computer byte. I mean, it's not like Nixon declaring Manson GUILTY! But since Obama stepped back earlier today, HE clearly thinks he DID step in it, and now has taken it back.

Three thoughts:

Bee. Eff. Dee.

My doctor communicated to me that 'stupid' is a good way to describe gov't takeover of the healthcare system, seeing as how they are so efficient in running everything else:(
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