Friday, July 10, 2009


Service with a surprised smile & a cookie!

Me, to an old friend, a PK (preacher's kid, fundy preacher), from my youth:

Hey, tell your dad I'm taking some seminary classes this fall. Crazy liberal seminary. :-) A Disciples-affiliated school that is in covenant with the crazy liberal United Church of Christ. My church is a UCC church. And I'm a crazy liberal deacon there. :-) Hoo hoo. :-)

Old friend, graciously ignoring my asshattery:

NO WAY! That is awesome. Seriously, you are serving the Lord and that is great.


Gulp. You know, I can be pretty thick, but I never thought of it that way.

Serving peeps who are seeking God, and themselves serving others -- yes.

But serving the Lord? I reckon that *is* the same thing in some ways.

Maybe something like servin' cups of Gatorade from an aid/refreshment station to runners in a marathon -- especially when it comes to servin' and cleanin' up after Communion.

But mainly what I serve is cookies! Good Lord! I had no idea how great and routine was the church's need for cookies! LOL! :-) Every time I turn around, I'm bein' hit up to bring a dozen. :-)

Happy Friday, y'all.


Got Milk?
There is a gentleman who is a member of Poplar Grove with whom I will never agree on the following - politics; theology; ice cream flavors. On the other hand, this gentleman has a gift for ministry that is about to be utilized in tremendous ways for the good of God's people. I reserve the right to disagree with an individual's politics and theology. I also reserve the right to recognize when God has touched another's life, called him or her to important work, and believe in my heart that the kingdom will be served faithfully and well by this person's service.

You weren't being an asshat. Your, mine, and our experience of conservative Christians and their responses to our own faith-claims and actions sits in the deep background of your colorful adjectives. That his old friend of yours showed a gracious openness to your own surrender to God's call in your life surprised you shouldn't embarrass you. You should celebrate his openness as well as your own realization that not every conservative Christian is Neil.
This should be the name of a blog: "had two chili dogs, some sliced cucumbers in vinegar, some chips and peanut brittle for dessert" --

No, wait. Copy and paste failed me. LOLOLOLOL

"Not every conservative Christian is Neil" -- THAT should be a blog!
The next time they ask for a dozen cookies, take Moon Pies. That might get off thr cookie list.
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