Friday, July 31, 2009


Populist anger rocks the People's House

Have I told y'all lately how it plumb tickles my redneck populist side, when it comes to certain things, to see libs runnin' the U.S of A. House of Representatives?

Hey, I'm also thankful for the Senate's role as a saucer meant to cool the passions of the People's House.

But dang, ain't them congresscritters fun to watch!

House votes to clamp limits on Wall Street bonuses


There is more to come. The Republican as just sure they can scare the people back into their indentured servitude of the last 40 years. I think the goose is loose however and they are too fat to catch it this time.

Our college and university systems are gearing up for a deadly onslaught of Swine Flu. They use science and data to look ahead sometimes and they see the Pandemic lurking in their fall enrollments. Let's just see what happens to the "For Profit" Health System when a Pandemic eats it lunch. Both Wall Street (too big to fail) and Health Care (to big to fix) will wander in the Populist's Wilderness for the next 40 years.
Crap. Hadn't thought of the forced congregationalizing if peeps in classrooms this fall -- and I'm gonna be in a couple of 'em.
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