Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My probable fall textbooks!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! My name is ER and I am a bibliophile!

("Hi, ER!")

Introduction to Hebrew Bible

History of Christianity II


Hi ER!

Bibliophilia has no known cure except extreme poverty and even that will just slow the infected down not terminate their behavior.
Sigh. ... Hey, I am culling my books. I have 5 small U-Haul boxes of culls so far. I'll give you a stab at 'em before I donate 'em somewhere.
You can have my books when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers.
That's odd. I keep hearing GKS say elsewhere that they are cold, dead books.
Margaret Miles has a very interesting history.

But that's putting the cart before the horse.
When I's just a lil' Loney, the steeple people took all the books what had hoot owls, black cats, and witches and had a book-burnin'. I wuz pretty pissed causin they took my 'where the wild things is at' book away. So I'll take a copy of that if you got it...Big Foot like Far Side, so throw in one in them if its handy.

Dont waste your $$ on that intro to the Hebrew Bible...I got one of them...It just says...

"Welcome to the Hebrew Bible. If you plan on reading this, it would be helpful to be able to read Hebrew. If you cant, you are
peh'resh minnay' pega' "
Well, I'll swan. I like to've give up you Dr. Loney. Good to see you'ns. Sit a spell.
Can I have a look-see at the "to donate" pile before you do so? And, we'd be happy to take your donations!
Sure, Kirsten! We can fin'ly meet! :-)
Hmmm, to be honest, you can do w/o the Harper Collins Bible Commentary/Bible Dictionary, unless you're wanting to read elementary exegesis in the comfort of your own home. They're in the library and you'll be in there a lot anyway. Do get the Harper Collins Bible, tho. Get a hardback if you can, you'll be getting a lot of use out of it and those paperback ones tend to fall apart pretty quickly.

Aw, it looks like Susannah's not using the Reading Biblical Narratives book she used in our class. That's a great book. I have the Life in Biblical Israel book and the Old Testament Parallels book, which I'd flat out give you with a right to borrow if I need them. And I've got the Story of Christianity 2 and The Word Made Flesh books that I'd just flat out give you. If you don't mind mark ups, that is. Can totally understand if you like nice clean copies, but if you'd like to rescue some books from the dust and cathair on my bookcase ...

The senior has spoken ...
Oooh. I will be taking you up on some o' that! I am not a neat book freak. :-) ... The HC Study Bible is my daily Bible, actually, but paper.
Kristen keep your librarian acquisitional pickin hands off the donation pile until I get a look see. ER, if I get first choice I''ll give you a jar of pickled quail eggs.
Gad. One thing I promise never to eat again. All it takes is one "ripe" too-soft-boiled, pickled quail egg squirtin' in yer mouth -- excuse me I gotta grab a trash can ...
Apparently, Feodor doesn't "do" humor.

Yes, the page is nothing but paper with black marks on it. Like any addict, however, even tho I know this intellectually, I just . . . can't . . . give it up. The first step, that my library has become unmanageable, is just that. It means I try to remanage it, not toss them on the bonfire of my vanities.
I think I "did" humor.

I think you didn't "dig" it.
Boys, quit fighting. It isn't funny.

ER -- word verificiation is "cleanic." It's a new term for you packing up five boxes of books.
Brothers fuss. :-)
Books: I finally flat just ran out of room!
doc lobo--

ahh, pickled quail eggs...the caviar of jarred poultry offerins...when mama Loney was weanin me oft the breast milk, she used to mash up those lil pickled delights into an old goat milkin glove and cut holes in the finger ends and I'd just go to town... course Ms. Werly, my 4th grade teacher would make her leave when recess got over.
ER said: "...one "ripe" too-soft-boiled, pickled quail egg squirtin' in yer mouth --"

Gourmand! You always gently squeeze them or cut them in half before you eat them. Same as with pickled Chicken eggs. I bet you nibble on your pickled pig's feet too. Gawd,Philistine!

Dr. Bill you remind me of my oldest son.
Pickled eggs? (I like eggs. I like pickles. Never the twain shall meet in my tummy though, and certainly not in the same form at the same time.) Pickled pigs feet? (Those poor pigs, wandering around footless! For shame. Out of curiosity, how do you get the pigs to stand in the brine that long?)

And I thought the things I was served at the dim sum place we went to for Sunday brunch were odd...


But I did enjoy the puffy, biscuit-y thing they gave me that had a whole crab claw poked into it so it looked like the rest of the crab was still in there valiantly trying to claw his way out. I didn't eat it because I don't eat sea bugs, but it reminded me of that scene in "Alien." I wanted to take it home to put on the mantle and use it to scare door-to-door Jesus salesmen, but I was vetoed. Alas.
No more pickled eggs. Gah. Ptooey!

Haven't had pigs' tootsies in a long time. Mebbe I'll pick up a jar this weekend. I recall liking them room temp, just opened. Once they go in the icebox, the juice goes all gelatinous. No thanky.
Now change the pickled eggs to Scotch Eggs, and I'm on board.

Eggs wrapped in meat, breaded and deep-fried? Yes, please! (Got some ranch dressing to go with it? Because fat wrapped in fat, deep-fried in fat is better when it's then dipped in fat.)
ER "No more pickled eggs. Gah. Ptooey!"

Does this mean Kristen gets first shot at the books?
i read the Gonzolez book for christian history as well! good read!

still can't believe you're in seminary! that's awesome dawg!
:-) Luke, I'll have to survice a few one-day 220-mile roundtrips to Tulsa and back before I believe it. Ugh. ... But people around here do that every day. I'm just lookin' at once a week ...
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