Thursday, July 23, 2009


Matt-Bob 25: 34-40

"To the ones on the right, he’ll say, ‘Y’all come on! My Father has blessed y’all. Come and get what’s comin’ to you. It’s been ready for you all along, from the get-go, from the earliest inklings of the world. And here’s how come:

"I was as hungry as a horse, and you fed me some vittles. I was chokin’ on dust, and you put cool, clear water to my dry, cracked lips. I was a foreigner, a stranger with ways different than your own, and you welcomed me with open arms in spite of all your misgivings. I was buck naked and you put some britches on me, and a shirt, and some shoes. I was sicker’n a dog and you took care of me. I was in jail, and you came to see me.’

"And the righteous ones on the right will say, ‘Do what? When did we see you hungry and fill your belly, or thirsty and give you somethin’ to drink? When did we see you as a foreigner and have you come on in the house, or buck naked and cover you up? And when in the world did we see you sick or behind bars, and come see you?’

"And he’ll say, ‘I tell you what: When you did it for one of the least amongst you, for somebody nobody else was payin’ any attention to at all, why, you were doin’ it for me.’ "


Crap. Y'all are bored with already! How will I ever sell the book?

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