Thursday, July 02, 2009


Lurching toward the Fourth of July

Four-day work weeks suck when you still have five days of work to do, hence the lurching. Ugh. Tomorrow, maybe, will redeem the week!

Still have not managed to use the grill in 2009! Cowflesh is on my mind bigtime, though, so that's the plan for tomorrow evening: Ribeyes as big as my arm, and some weinies to have around the house, as we say. But first a bunch of yard work, then a bunch of inside-the-house work.

Saturday, if Dr. ER is up to it, we'll go watch the local Independence Day parade. Saturday afternoon, I'm gonna try to run to Mustang (southwest OKC 'burb) to see an old friend. Saturday night, if Dr. ER is up to it, we'll do our usual watchin' of the fireworks at the local college.

That's it. Nothing spectacular, although I'll probably make my annual sad trip to a fireworks stand to get some smoke bombs or something else wussy with which to amuse Bailey. Living in town sucks this time of year. :-(

Maybe I'll be a real outlaw this year and buy a little bitty pack of firecrackers. Black Cats, of course. I'm partial to the brand, for reasons that ought to be clear. :-)

Y'alls' plans for the holiday weekend?


For many years I worked as a professional pyrotechnician, so my 4th of July weekends were always spoken for.

It still seems a little odd not to be traveling somewhere to shoot several shows over the weekend, but this year I'll just be hanging at a friend's cottage, eating, boating, etc.
Oh, yeah. I forgot you used to be a perfessional pyromaniac! And you still have all yer skin, hair and digits?
See, Alan, you are full of surprises. I had no idea! You should post pics and stories of your camping trip for Neil to get all huffy about!!

Gotta wedding to DJ on Saturday (who get's married on the 4th of July?!?), but might try to make some Sunday night fireworks before heading in to work.
Something inside a house or a car with airconditioning.
But I will load my black powder Colt 44 and go outside and shoot it six times.
I could "shoot" my Red Ryder!
ER: I do indeed have all my digits and hair. Though I do have several souvenir t-shirts with lots of burn holes in them.

Geoffrey: Heh. Yeah, we used to shoot fireworks naked. If I posted that my web-server might not be able to handle all the traffic from HWMNBN looking for pictures. *shudder*
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