Saturday, July 04, 2009


Likely fall seminary classes: Yum

HB 500: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (3 hrs.)
An introduction to the literature and thought of the Hebrew scriptures set within the social worlds of Israel and the ancient Near East. The survey primarily covers Genesis-Kings and emphasizes social-scientific and narrative analysis of biblical texts.

CD 501: Orientation to Theological Research (.5 hr.)
This course will provide instruction on how to find, evaluate, and cite research resources in the PTS library and through online access. Hands-on instruction in the use of the computer for research will be emphasized. Students will bring an actual assignment from a course they are currently taking and utilize the instruction in this course to help them gather the resources to complete that assignment.

HS 504: History of Christianity lI: Reformation and Modern (3 hrs.)
A survey of the Christian church from the Reformation era to modern times. Special attention will be given to the diversity and unity of the church in the period, to the divisions and reconciliations that have shaped various contemporary Christian communities.

Hmmm ...


Those look interesting and fun--always a good combination--especially the library research class. ;-)
Ooooh, I am a library fiend!
The intro to Hebrew Lit looks good. The others I'm so sorry for the pre-reqs
Hey, Pech. ... I loves the Reformation! And all I'm mainly interested in are the "prereqs" -- church history. :-)
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