Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Jesus redux: 'Not like an encore on a stage'

"Even then, fakers and false Savers and sorry, no-good lyin’ preachers and fake know-it-alls will be cropping up here and there and yonder. If somebody says, ‘Here! Here is the Saver!’ Or, ‘There! There is the Saver!’ don’t buy it! It’ll get tricky. They’ll have magic tricks and soothing words and signs and wonders so impressive that God’s rescue posse itself, if it were possible, could be busted up and sent scatterin’.

"But I’ve given you a heads-up. So if somebody says, ‘There’s the Saver! Out in the country!’ Or somebody says, ‘There he is! In an office building downtown!’ And big crowds are gathering? Don’t bite. The Saver, the Son of Man, will come like lightning, not like an encore of an act on a stage that folks can gather themselves up to see!"

(Matthew 24: 23-28)


i like it! we did a graffitti service here not too long ago when i was doing my thing with our youth seminary. google Bansky. and we had flobots for the songs.. it was great! we picked this passage because it say to look beyond the gloss and novelty. love your interp too!
Thanks, Luke! wth is a flobot?
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