Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Fallacies as big as Dallas

Update on my every-other-day reading (it's my treadmill book) of JOE DALLAS, "A Strong Delusion: Confronting the 'Gay Christian' Movement":

Um, I'm not the quickest at spotting straw men, although my eyes usually adjust before long and I can call 'em out -- but Geez Louise!

Joe Dallas -- recommended by Focus on the Patriarchy (Focus on the Family) -- seems to be writing from inside his own scarecrow! With melodrama worthy of "Night Gallery"!


If we follow Joe's logic and "facts" we find ourselves and indeed Joe and other Christian fundamentalist in a moral delima.

Indeed assuming that all homosexual behavior is a lifestyle choice of the intellect and not one of innate behavior then we must assume that all who display homosexual behavior must be cognizant of their behavior and have used their intelligence to make a choice to participate in that cultural life style.

If that is so, then we must extend the concept of culture, freedom of choice, and the intelligence to go against their innate tendencies to all organism praticing homosexuality. Such as Chimps, Bonobos, Dolphines, etc.. This would be a strong arguement for these species to have the basic rights we afford to ourselves. Indeed they may even have souls and may need to be treated as such.
I haven't read this book, but in the other things I've read and speeches I've heard, he does nothing but generalize from his own experience.

Ok, so he was a slut, why does that indict everyone else?
Exactly, a Slut. If he has sinned, then that is it. Of course the Fundamentalist thinks everyone except themselves are such.
Slut. That nails it. So to speak.
Would those be "Dallas Fallacies"?

I remember a joke that went, "A slut is someone who sleeps with everyone. A whore is someone who sleeps with everyone but you."

I feel sorry for this guy, actually. It is one thing to say, "You know, I made some poor choices in my life," and hop up on the public confessional box to proclaim them. It is quite another to say that, "My first and worst choice was to love as I was created to love." The big Jeopardy buzzer of life is going off.
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