Friday, July 03, 2009


Dog catches car; ER accepted into seminary

God help me.

Prayers, condolences, congratulations, intervention and any other doggone thing y'all think I need now all welcome!



It's about damn time.

As long as the roof stays on the chapel, you'll know everything's OK.

Congratulations. It couldn't happen to a better, more deserving, person.

(I think HAL is runnin' the word verification selector: FAITI.
Must. Close. Parentheses.


Now the hard part.
Dude, trust me, I am not skippin' around the house like I just won the lottery. Which might sound weird. ... just feel like I always wanted to go rock climbing and never knew how to get to the startin' place. Here I am. Woooweee. And I have no idea how far I can climb, whether I should try to climb all the way, what that means exactly -- or wth is at the top. WHO'S IDEA WAS THIS ANYWAY?

But, in another way this is familarl terrain. I went to Connors not knowing what for; I went to OSU not knowing what for; then, within my two fields, I took the roads less traveled (lowly state and local government track in political science, and the lowly news-editorial track in journalism; plus a jag down the road to a minor in economics; then, 13 years later, I went to UCO for a master's for the sheer hell of it, and there took the road less traveled, the thesis option. And now, this incredible unlikely turn of events. Who the heck can say what'll come of it?

I'm game. That's all I know. Ascairt. But game.

The sheer physicality of worries me more than anything: 110 miles to Tulsa and 110 miles back, in one day; having to get there, probably, by 8:30 a.m.. Keeping my job work going. Dr. ER and I can't keep this house together as it is. Last time, I lost my gardening hobby-pastime. I don't know wth I have to give up this time. Sigh.
Off to the yard before 100 hits.
"...110 miles to Tulsa and 110 miles back, in one day; "

Car pool with fellow students.
I'm not going to downplay the multiple worries, because they are real, legitimate, and create tension and obstacles. At the same time, something to keep in mind is that there is this thing we Christians call grace that fills in the gaps, makes the rough places smooth, the mountains and valleys in to a flat place so that forward motion isn't inhibited, and even raises the dead.

It is kind of like tossing oneself off a cliff, with the bottom obscured, no parachute, no way of knowing whether one will fall a few feet or thousands. Yet, it seems you have experience with this, and it's worked out pretty well for you in the past. I think you and the lovely Dr. Mrs. will cope.

Carpool: If possible, sure. It's a pretty fractured schedule of classes, though.

Cliff: Yes. I am Wile E. Coyote done run off the cliff, but before descent.

But dude, I ain't gonna whine too much. Danged if they didn't give me 80-percent tuition scholarship, courtesy of the Disciples and the UCC.
Some classes may be available through OCU. Check into it.

Keep in mind there is an end to this journey -- it is not for eternity. It's a matter of so many hours, so many months, then done. Yes, it's going to be a hard journey, but it does have an end point that will always be one day closer.

And whose idea was it? Not yours. That's all you need to know.
ER. use your gifts and talents, you will get through just fine.
Don't think of it as something to finish, get through, complete etc.. Think of it as the beginning of the rest of the journey.
Notice how we all agree about what you are doing?
Pretty scary, this odd flush of well-meaning-ness! :-)

hey, I awoke with an intellectual clatter and a spark of an idea for a thesis!

I want to look at the theological heritage of the Yankee missionaries to the Choctaws, specifically Cyrus Kingsury. What was it in his studies, at Andover, I think, that could prepare him for a life of "opposing slavery" while preaching to slave-holding Choctaws? Who was his mentor in seminary? What did he learn? The provenance of Kingsbury own theology might be interesting.
And more importantly, publishable.
The only thing I know of Kingsbury was he was a true believer of Jefferson's Indian policy and a consort of General Clark and his implementation of the policy. You'll have to dig deep to understand that one. Publishable? my yes!
Fabulous, the country will be a bit better for the next few decades.
Conga rats to you! :-)
Thanks, Teresa!

Feodor, I thimk I just *got* that! The country'll be better of with me distracted? LOL
No, I mean it truly. The Spirit gains a direct agent, while still having all of us as indirect agents, for better or worse on a case by case basis.
Thanks for that, brother.
Many prayers for a wonderful experience expanding your theological and spiritual universe :)

Blessings & Peace,
Thanks, Hugo!
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