Wednesday, July 15, 2009


'Dear Old People Who Run the World'

"My generation would like to break up with you."

I like.


Your generation has damn near signaled the end of America by voting in the biggest crook since Richard Nixon. Thank God it will start to change in 2010 and start the climb back in 2012.
I more than like. I love.

Biggest crook since Richard Nixon, Anonymous? C'mon . . .

The Republicans are in no electoral shape right now to do anything more than say "no". They have no ideas, no plan, no policy responses to the issues that face us, and are currently in thrall to whackos like Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and Michael Steele (which is so totally a porn name).
There is some talk -- within the GOP -- that Palin is angling to go Independent.

If she does, Republican numbers will be even lower. Even lower.

Man! The Grand Old Party is a fame-seeking cheerleader away from being comatose.
I prefer to think of it as voting out the biggest idiot ever to hold the presidency, and the most effing evil vice president ever.

Dick Cheney needs to be behind bars. And in this case, I don't give a damn whether it's in this country or not.
Well, I meant voting out the idiot's and the evil bastard's party. And I am tickled to be dancing on its corpse.
Re, "Thank God it will start to change in 2010 and start the climb back in 2012."

LOL and LOL. Ya think? I won -- but have yet to collect -- a bottle of Dickel last November. And I'll go double or nothing on the midterm elections: Dems will gain in the House. Senate, don't know.
Re: The Harvard Manifesto

I guess you still can't trust anyone over thirty.

Wait! Wasn't that the theme 40 years ago, which means the thirty then is 70 now?

How does that work?

As for "edge economy" isn't that what the communes did? How did that work out?

Well I'm 64 and have watched the revolution of the sixties turn into the "reconstruction" and neo-economic-slavery of the 70-8-90-00's.

OK, just give me my Social Security and Medicare and you do with the country what you want to.
After all that's what will happen anyway.

As for Anon, I guess most of the White Men will go kicking and cursing, at least in the Senate the do.
Just the white supremacists.
Come now ER, no twinge of resentment,no low level dark feelings of loss of privilege?
No feeling of dread at our coming disenfrachisment of power and abilty to cut in line? Hell, I do!
But I've been married 42 years and know how to handle it I guess.
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