Monday, July 20, 2009


Besbol been beddy beddy good to me

Texas 5, Minnesota 3, in 12, Sunday, July 19, 2-ought-ought-9.

A fine time was had by all! Myself, my good ol' friend fellow scribe-turnin'-Presby preacher, his smarter half, their girl young'un, 6, their boy young'un, 9, and another boy young'un, 9.

Kinda took the edge off my own Bird havin' flown and Dr. ER bein' gone down to Houston for the week. :-)

More to it than circuses and bread, Mr. DrLoboJo! (Insert "Bah!" here: ----.)



Thin skin?
Nope. You was just askin' for it. :-)
Figgered it that way, true.
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