Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Y'alls' grilling faves, please

Here it is mid-June, and I have not yet grilled once! Sheesh. This, that and the other have just kept me from it. But the drought ends Saturday: Half-inch-thick ribeyes for chipotle-type sandwiches, and roasting ears.

That's one of my favorites from the grill. What're some of y'alls'??


Grilled asparagus is nice with a spritz of lemon juice and some grated parmesan cheese at the end.

Grilled peaches make a good dessert (particularly when served with ice cream -- vanilla is typical, but pecan praline is better). Just cut 'em in half and put the cut side down on the grill for a few minutes.

Other than that, burgers, chicken, pork of any type. It's all good.
People actually grill stuff other than steak?
Mmmm... Check it. Core an onion about halfway through (to about the center). It should look a bit like a candle holder or something, but it's an onion.

Put one or two beef bouillon cubes in the hole. Wrap the onion in aluminum foil and set it on the grill until the onion is soft and the beef flavor is soaked in.
(Of course, you should peel the onion first... I left that step out.)
Grilled Corn on the Cob:

shuck corn but not the whole way, you want some of the husk to cover the ear. soak this in salt water for 10 minutes. put on grill and constantly brush on a mixture of garlic and basil in melted butter.

it's awesome x 10.
Good Alaskan salmon, if you can find it and are willing to pay for it. Seared more than grilled, served with mango salsa.

Also, eggplant. Preferably then made into babaghanoush.
Salmon wrapped in seaweed, and not cooked all the way through!
Portobello mushrooms marinated in Italian dressing (along with onions, peppers, zucchini, etc.)

And ribs.
Wow. Y'all are, like, international or somethin' in yer grillin' tastes. :-)

Ribs: I've done ribs maybe thrice. Good. But I don't think I can do ribs any better than I can buy 'em -- unlike steaks. Or Cornish game hens. Or pecanized turkey ... or, vegetable in one o' them baskets. ...

Heat, schmeat! I need to grill! Just can't do it with the yard a wreck! ... Friday is devoted to fixing that: get any remnant shingles up from the week of roofing; dirt put back around where the new fence was installed; patio bricks WeedAte; grass mowed; weeds Rounduped.

Grrrr. Maybe have to wait until Sunday! Just remembered there's a thing I want to go to most of Saturday at an Orthodox church. ..., I think is the Web site. ...
Are you experimenting?
Not really. Good friend of mine is a Southern Baptist-turned-Orthodox. They just have some srs peeps coming to make their case. ... I must admit that when he told me their HQ was on Straight Street in Athens, it gave me pause.
Unless you meant, am I experimenting on the grill. :-) If so, maybe later. I just need to reclaim the Weber in the name of cowflesh right now. :-)
My favorite grilled food is that cooked by others for me.
Hint! Hint!
:-). With any luck, I am mere days away from having my back yard, and the rest of this place, under some semblance of order. Then, first chance I get, we want to do just that. :-)
Deal. I'll bring the bourbon. Found some here that is almost a smooth as Private Keep. 36 year old Gold Lable from McCormick.
Re. "I must admit that when he told me their HQ was on Straight Street in Athens, it gave me pause."

Good Lord. Make that Damascus.
Late response, but try grilling fajitas (skirt steak; butterflied if possible) - comes out best when you marinate it the night before and cook it on indirect heat - nice and tender and delicious :)

Blessings & PEace,
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