Thursday, June 04, 2009


U.S. Sen. James Inhofe is a big, fat idiot


I must disagree. He's not that fat.
So what's new?
I mean just because he said Obama was un-American, that we never tortured at Guantanamo, and the Weather Chanel is making up global warming, don't you think you're being a bit harsh?
MikeH, you are correct sir. he has been losing weight. It's all the bile he's been spewing.

DrLobo: Gah! makes me want to move somewhere reasonable, like Mississippi or Alabama. East Texas. You know, somewhere liberal by comparison.
The Weather Channel making up global warming in order to maximize profits was, I think, his greatest hit.
When out-of-state friends ask about Inhofe, I just explain that Okies are far too smart to let idiots like that run loose within our own borders, so we ship 'em off to Washington where they'll do the least harm. ;-)
Anything in particular inspire you to state the obvious?
Next post. Up in a minute.
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