Saturday, June 13, 2009


To my Bird and her Beau ...

... on the occasion of their weddin' party (the weddin' havin' been a private courthouse affair a week ago):

To my Bird: Having sailed past age 30 with no wife and family of my own, I'd given up by the time I met your mama. Imagine my surprise, and my delight, to stumble onto a package deal! A little family just for me! You are the apple of my eye. I could not love you more, nor be prouder, if you were my biological daughter.

To her Beau: You've shown yourself to be a man of honor toward my Bird, and toward her family and toward me personally. You've been there for me a time or two. I'm there for you, and y'all. I could not be happier for you and my Bird, and I am proud to have you for a son-in-law.

My prayer: That, in your own way, which is the only way, y'all love one another, love God and love your neighbor as yourself -- because *that's* what it's all about.


Oh, one more thing, Bird: Hola y pan tostado! (inside joke)


Beautifully said.
:-) Thanks.
A good son-in-law is a valuable thing indeed.
Must have a cold. . .I'm all sniffly. As a woman raised by a dad who was not her father, let me say that your words to your Bird are beautiful. Sometimes the best daddies come along long after a girl's father. And they're worth waiting for.
:-) LeeLee, I was embarassingly sniffly all night.
Wonderful! You have three great blessings;
1)a wonderful family
2) the gift of sight to recognize a treasure when you see it.
3) the ability to enrich the lives of others by sharing it.
1) :-)
2) :-)
3) :-)
Through my tears, I can see Mary in the toast!

Man, you'll be a blubber-puss should a little two-legged Ice-T like thing come along.

Your curiosity about human nature and your own nature, and your reveling in bars and daughters all seem to indicate a spiritual sensibility of the first order.
:-) We just drove 20 miles and back to see our first grandkitty for a few minutes. I'm a sap. :-)
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