Wednesday, June 03, 2009


RIP, Terry Harper, SPJ exec, blogger

So this is it. I have shuffled loose the mortal coil. My soul has been hurled into the great void. I am taking the proverbial dirt nap. I bought the farm. I kicked the bucket. I have checked out. Crossed the River Styx. Bought a pine condo. Ceased to be. I am wandering the Elysian Fields. Gone belly up. Checked out. Cashed in. Sleeping with the fishes. Danced the last dance. Run down the curtain. I am pushing daisies. I have joined the choir invisible. I have paid Charon’s fare. I have succumbed. I have sprouted wings. I am history. I am dead.

He was 45.

Read all of "The Final Thump."


Harper: "I have no idea what lies beyond."

He knows now.

I'm always just a bit jealous of the knowledge acquired by those who have gone before me. But in that only the "good die young", I guess I'll have to wait quite a bit yet I fear.
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