Tuesday, June 02, 2009


OMG! OMG! OMG! What am I thinking? I just printed off the application materials for seminary!


Mebbe I'll go for it. Another way of saying "I simply don't have the time" is "I need to put the discipline back into disciple."

We'll see.


Somehow I didn't believe the whole "I don't have time, and anyway I'm happy where I am so shut up already with all that 'call' stuff, can't you?" from a couple days ago.

Whether it's a couple days or a couple decades, the whole call thing is incessant. And God always finds a way, the chink in our armor, makes a path through the desert of our lives to get us where God wants us to go. Surrender is the only option.

God Bless you, ER.
Well, I still think it might have to be spring semester 2010 rather than this fall. But if I'm honest with how I'm spending some of my time now, I've got some wiggle room. Maybe.
The deal is, I want to take 9 hours, to take advantage of a first-semester discount. I think that'd kill me. Three hours isn't enough to make me think I'm accomplishing anything. That leaves 6. But is 6 hours considered full time for student loan purposes??
There is only do or not do...there is no angsty waffeling worrying about how it will turn out. :-)
A quote to which I return often is Dietrich Bonhoeffer's from The Cost of Discipleship - "When God calls a man, He bid him come and die." This is only a summary, or perhaps paraphrase, of many of the sayings of Jesus, including "Unless you hate your family, etc., etc., you are not worthy to be called my disciple." Some of the big fights between the lady Reverend to whom I am married and me usually revolve around my own mindfulness of this directive and her desire to not think Jesus really meant it.

I know I am not telling you anything you don't already know, but surrender does, in fact, entail no conditions on our part.

I offer this comment in a Spirit of Christian brotherhood. But also an echo of Teresa's last comment and my own desire to make sure you understand that this is the most serious business we are discussing here. Not just life and death; life and life, man.
Rec'd, and in the spirit in which it was intended, GKS. And Teresa, I hear ya. Once it's done, it's did.
Here's the main deal: if I don't get this Bible project done this time ... to get it done by mid-August is gonna take more than I think I've got. But I'm tryin'.
You will have more time and money when?
Well, I'll have more time when I get this Bible project done! Which, by the way, you have NOT opined on despite my two sendings of samples for your perusal. Tell me, by e-mail what you think!
watch out for whales, Jonah.
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