Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Meet Juno, my first grandkitty!

She's 8 weeks old. And Bird and YankeeBeau had her out of wedlock! Barely. 'Cause they're gettin' hitched Friday before a JP in a Texas courthouse!

Yes, Dr. ER and I are both button-poppin' proud!

And we think it's cool that they're gettin' hitched, too. ;-)


Hee. Congrats.

Who's bringin' the shotgun for the wedding?
Getting wed in TX, right? Will it be legal in the US?

Congrats, and I will tip a glass to you all this weekend while I'm helping a couple celebrate their own wedding here in IL.
Cat person.
Y'all are real riots, y'all are! :-)

Correction: the hitchin' is tomorrow. The get-together in *next* weekend.
I think that after a wedding the "getting together" part usually happens a lot faster than that.
Feodor, too funny.

Oh, and Trixie's right. Cat person.
Yes, Bird has become a cat person. YB, not so much, I hear. :-)

I my own self remain amb -- snicker -- ambiv -- snort -- ambivalent. Ahem.
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